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Originally Posted by Fuller View Post
I read a lot of posts here referring to a car or make/model's "DNA". I understand the general gist of what this means, but can anyone tell me, specifically, which parts or properties comprise a car's DNA? If not, I have to consider that this term really describes the mindset and expectations of the end consumer more than it defines some inherent, tangible properties of a certain make and model of car.

It's similar to when someone refers to the soul or character of a certain car. At the end of the day, a car is just a machine. Any character ascribed to it comes from our emotional reactions to the experience of driving it. This makes these terms purely subjective, as well as highly malleable.
Fuller - you are right on . There is no magic., its just emotions.
After tracking M cars for 20 years - all the illusions melt away very quickly.
Parts are parts.
Oil cooler on M340 is the same as M3
Brakes are the same
Dif is the same.

So in this regard - they perform the same. there si no M magic sprinkled on there.

I think the discussion is interesting because of 2 points

- modern cars are so good that they outperform past years M cars and even super cars. Hey, Golf R can outrun e36 M3. And the new M340 definitely is a better performer than past years M cars. it will probably outrun 355 Ferrari

- second point is - the shift in Street/track balance of M cars. they were always dual purpose cars but lately shifted much more towards track thus diminishing everyday usability. Some are willing to live with that but most are not. I would even go as far as to say - M performance cars are better dual duty cars now vs full M. with 90% street ability and 10 % track.

- so, to me - if you are not seriously tracking the car - there is no reason to get an M. And even then - you have to be seriously tracking it in Begginer/intermediate group before you advance to a dedicated track car. So the window is pretty limited. and you have to be willing to live with inconveniences everyday in traffic.

Just reading the first page of M3 forum - one sees topics like
- Crashed my M3 in the rain
- Money shifted my manual M3 and BMW won't pay for it
- Scraping my front and sides on the driveway - cant get into garage
- rock punctured the oil radiator - engine is gone
- I won't let Valets or my wife drive the car

Up to you to decide if you are willing to live with it - your choice.