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Originally Posted by 1LRM3 View Post
thanks man... i did not even think of you tube for watching a build...that is an idea. what company do y'all deal with for parts....
Definitely go with a desktop, and if you are technically savy, it really isn't that difficult to build something top notch, that will defeat a comparably priced pre-made unit. Also, this is just me, but I have used Windows 8 once, and despised it. It seems to be lacking all the characteristics I've known to grow and love since Windows 95. I feel Windows 7 is a lot more user friendly, and easier to function, but I could just be biased. The computer market now is stretched across a wide margin, and you can get a great simple desktop for basic stuff that will last years and years with proper maintenance and keeping any junk to a bare minimum. Before my desktop I used my XPS laptop and still to this day performs as the day I bought it, and it is 8 years old now.