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Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
Honestly Destiny is one of the worst games I've ever played. I already returned that POS to gamestop. Thank god I bought the disk.

Horrible load times, stupid 3 person questing cap (pre-raid), boring, cant forward through crap lore scenes, pvp is horribad, I could keep going...

Ill just keep playing Diablo 3 til something else comes out.

I'm sorry your experience with the game wasn't as great as mine. They do need to make their servers a little better but i haven't had any connection issues lately. It was only the first few days that it was bad. So bad it was to the point that whoever wasn't the host would disconnect from the game. We were laughing at it more than getting pissed about it. But thats how it is when games like that first release. Wildstar was horrible on the release night also (now that game sucks and i stopped playing it). Destiny gameplay is great man my friends and I are just about ready to raid so I'll see how that goes too. I haven't tried pvp at all and i don't really care to do so. It's a 1st person shooter MMO and its just what the xbox needed.

Btw Destiny game play is like Diablo in a sense because it is a 1st person shooter dungeon crawler (same instances ran over and over just on different difficulties at max level) pre raid. Besides the fact that it is a shooting game it is the same concept as Diablo. How cant you like it ! Do you play Diablo on PC or xbox?
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