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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
Very nice, is that the Obutto setup? (derp was ignoring the back of the seat) I'm trying to get back in cheap so I can just start going again, but $1300 on just the seat/mounts/triple monitor mount puts a damper on that! Money I don't spend on that I can go back to having Fanatec stuff like I had before instead of doing peasant Logitech stuff or something.

I may just go Playseat, set new monitors on a folding table and slap a new video card in the old computer just so I can get going again.

I haven't played since late 2015/early 2016 when they changed the tire model again and the MX-5 Cup cars became basically undriveable (for me) anyway.
Thanks! If the wife knew how much I have spent on my rig I think she would no longer be my wife

The tire model has been updated a couple times since 2015 and I think it is much better now.

My monitors are 24" BenQ's and I really like them but I would recommend at least 27" monitors personally. If i ever hit the lottery I will upgrade my 24" ones.