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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
Car manufacturers focus more and more on transportation. The driving fun factor is going with every new series more to the background.

If you don t use the 4wd system you are carrying the weight always with you.

New M3 is just an old M5. Nice fast daily driver. 1600 kg and awd is no fun anymore. That is transportation!

We need to go back to smaller nimbler cars with less horsepower and lower weight.

I drive an 950kg and 330hp e30 m3 DTM on track. This car is so amazing.
that 950kg feel is a dream to steer and brake into corners.

I am done buying bigger and heavier ///M Cars. Now AWD also. It s getting worse with every new series. If i want an awd then it s either a x3M or a 4wd car with awd system with mechanical diffs like an mitsubishi evolution rally car in a very small car.
How about the M2? That's smaller, lighter, etc?
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