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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
Briefly for a year, before it was wrecked, I went and bought a new C7 Corvette Z51 Stingray. It wasn't the most expensive Corvette you can buy but it was up there just around $70K

It was the most enjoyable and most horrifying experience in anything I've owned.

In that year, it had to be hand wash since it didn't actually fit most car washes, even touchless one. I always worried about dings and scratches, bird drops and tree sap, etc.

It goes like a bat out of hell but I would get anxious from the Fast and Furious crowd trying to out race me at every turn.

I ruined a set of tires at 500 miles showing off by burning rubbers for no good reason.

I was afraid to take it to work and always parked far away.

In winter time, it sits in the garage, covered up wasting payment and insurance.

It was near impossible to drive fast without getting legal attention.

Anyone else experienced sports car angst and never got to really enjoy their ride?
You are definitely not a candidate for a sports car/sporty car.
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