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BMW certainly has gone from leader to follower which is the real meaning of React in this context. They’ve gone for total market share vs enthusiasts focused vehicles anymore where Ultimate Driving Machine was more than a slogan by marketing.
Im not a fan of EVs, I will acknowledge that upfront, but only due to their silent propulsion which I find unnerving and eliminates 50% of the joy of driving imho. Sound is what makes driving fast fun to me as much as any other attribute so until anyone can solve this issue in such a way that the mind is fooled, I couldnt care less about performance EVs. They are fine for commuter cars but I just dont want a silent 600hp compact car. Its just not fun to me.
But to the more broad point on the market, Im very interested in driving the Taycan and seeing how Porsche has solved many issues I have with EVs. BMW is so late to the game and deficit of any original, beautiful designs lately that there is no way they can compete with either Tesla sedan regardless of price, let alone Porsche.
They need more than just a new CEO, they need new designers and a new Board as whoever approved the latest grill redesigns and cookie cutter styles should be disposed of immediately.
After 30+ years of continuous BMWs, Im finally at a point where Im starting to look elsewhere for my next vehicle.