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Originally Posted by heavyD^2 View Post
If BMW is so wrong what does that make Audi and MB? Neither even offer manual transmissions anymore in North America, don't offer anything close to the RWD 2-Series and have been in the FWD business for years now.
This feedback misses the mark.

BMW is being criticized by shareholders and the media - and their is CEO is being shown the door early - due to a lack of foresight in the areas of BEV vehicles as well as failing to take advantage of their early lead in these areas.

Combustion vehicle development is not a growth market anymore, so manual transmissions are not seen as a good investment. In fact, multi-speed transmissions in general will all but completely die off with the combustion engine (whenever that happens).

Both Audi and Mercedes have launched BEV SUV models, and both have at least one other electric model launching very shortly. BMW had the jump on them and could have, at the very least, beat them to market with the iX3 and even the i4 but failed to do that. That's the issue causing upheaval at the company, not failing to provide more vehicles with manual transmissions.

Yeah lets go all in on the lucrative EV 2.1% world market share.
It's absolutely not about going "all in", but about capitalizing on having spotted trends early, and using that advantage to stay in front of the competition.

Let me know when the company goes strictly automatic and makes transverse engine layouts the norm and maybe we can talk. In the mean time go back to yelling at clouds.
Along with multi-speed transmissions, the combustion engine will also eventually take front wheel drive architecture into the history books with it (in all but a few edge cases). This is a fantastic thing that enthusiasts should be more excited about. Many of the small performance cars we tend to avoid today due to wrong-wheel-drive will eventually be succeeded by RWD counterparts. Moreover, while you can't put a 6L V8 in a production subcompact, you absolutely can fit 500hp, 600hp, 700hp, etc. motors in a compact or subcompact EV.

While I understand that folks are still bitter about the loss of their combustion engine's sound-track and the multi-speed gearbox that one can then interact with in various ways as a source of enjoyment, it is these new possibilities that can provide some excitement if you allow yourself to see the silver lining in the paradigm shift. None of this requires one to be a "greenie" nor even particularly care about the environment. In fact, until the infrastructure catches up, you can rest easy knowing that the manufacturing of and creation of electricity for EVs is still wreaking plenty of havoc on the planet.

Originally Posted by heavyD^2 View Post
Why? What does that accomplish for BMW besides make BMW fans feel all tingly inside?


We are in the golden age of automobiles so I choose to enjoy it rather than complain as in a few decades today may be looked at as the good old days for enthusiasts.
I feel like you actually are complaining, but maybe its more just the overall negativity your words convey.

There is a whole lot to be excited about, and I disagree with you that there is no more market for creativity and innovation in automobile design. Quite to the contrary, I think there is a gigantic market just waiting to be discovered, and I would hope that BMW soon starts to tap into that. If they don't, there are literally dozens of new mobility companies out there ready to eat their lunch. And some of the products those companies are cooking up might even appeal to the enthusiast in all of us.