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As far as I'm concerned, VW Group products being #1 and 4 is even more confusing.

After owning Audi products and dealing with their service/maintenance - let me suggest anyone think twice! You'd think they'd learn from the diesel scandal and to better serve their customers, but they really don't give a crap about their customers. First I thought it was the South Florida dealers, then after dealing with Audi corporate, I realize it's systemic.

Vehicles with published TSB's for problems and the dealers refusing to do the repairs because they repeatedly claim they cannot reproduce the issue. Even with me standing there showing them the issue, and their acknowledgment, yet they continue to refuse. And Audi corporate just as moronic.

Then there's Audi's drivers assistance (cameras, lane change assist, etc.). If your car needs a wheel alignment, the dealer will not do the work unless you agree to have these systems "recalibrated" to a tune of $800. No joke. Morons. Google it, its a real issue for their crappy engineered cars. Or a corporate scam pushed down to dealers.

Even a simple software update requires an act of congress to get them to agree to do under warranty.

My guess is Porsche is no different, or little difference.

Just my 2 cents.
Yes, but Porsche owners can afford to pay up for this crap. They don’t even blink at a $500 oil change.
Lol I don't know about all that. Average 911 cost of oil change ranges between 200-350 on the high end depending on location. Without any specials. At Indy shops it wouldn't be more than 180.
BMW family... for now.