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Originally Posted by Fuller View Post
I don't think it will affect the alignment, but an automatic car wash can introduce swirl marks, and even scratches. The darker colors are most susceptible. Not everyone minds or readily notices, but it's something to consider.
You have to do the touchless car wash. After you hand wash, clay bar, polish and seal your car... a weekly touchless car wash with minor spray detailer correction in hard to get places will keep the paint looking new for up to a full year (still need to hand wash wheels). The secret is to do it weekly so no dirt builds up and the sealant will do itís job. If you want to keep that paint looking factory new indefinitely.... touchless spray wash it as many times as you possibly can and NEVER touch it. Even a very careful hand wash will introduce tiny micro swirls into the clear coat that will eventually accumulate over the course of multiple hand washes into a required machine polish.