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Tried different tires today and dealer have now eliminated that the tires are the source of the noise.
They don't know how to proceed, so they are waiting for instructions from BMW. I hope that everybody report this to BMW so they have some pressure to do something about it.
Is it a certified BMW dealership? If so, they should take the car in a start trouble shooting. Just saying "don't know how to proceed" simply isn't good enough for a premium brand.
I fully agree! It's a certified dealer, and I also think it's strange. They had it for a couple of days one week ago and change one bearing and then they thougt it was the tires but not today. So very strange that they can't find it but they have really tried.
Sounds strange. I have an appointment January 2nd with the dealership where they take the car into their workshop and start trouble shooting. We have agreed that they keep the car until they locate the noise. They provide a loaner in that periode.

Maybe you should convince them to do the same. Where is your dealership?