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Originally Posted by mTonio View Post
Is breaking in a new car still a thing or does bmw break in the cars during production? What's the proper method to breaking in your car? I currently have 230 miles on my m340 and I've been driving aggressive at high rpm's without remorse. After all, it's a lease and fully covered under warranty so why bother babying it during the first 1000 miles?
BMW recommends waiting until 1,200 miles before driving aggressively. I think the recommendation is to not exceed 4,500 rpms or drive above a certain speed during that break-in period. Whether it makes a difference or not long term is up for debate.

I'm also leasing, however I adhered to the break-in period because:

1) I respect my car - to me it's more than just a machine, and I treat it as such with care.
2) At some point once I've turned in my lease, it will hit the used car market, and another owner will take possession of it. If I've treated my car like shit while it was in my possession, all I can say is, karma's a bitch.

I'm past the break-in period at this point, and I do drive it aggressively sometimes "the way it's meant to be driven", but I'm not needlessly reckless with it.
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