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Originally Posted by mTonio View Post
Is breaking in a new car still a thing or does bmw break in the cars during production? What's the proper method to breaking in your car? I currently have 230 miles on my m340 and I've been driving aggressive at high rpm's without remorse. After all, it's a lease and fully covered under warranty so why bother babying it during the first 1000 miles?
You're going to be just fine and the car is going to be just fine. I wouldn't worry about it. You paid for it. It's your car and you can drive it how you want. Revving the engine aggressively is not going to void your warranty. I've never broken in my vehicle and haven't had any major issues for the past 3 leases. My brother babies his cars and he's had numerous mechanical issues-go figure.

I have had to put new tires on before i turned in my lease so keep that in mind- and also now-brakes are no longer covered.

Just one tip-brand new tires don't have have full grip yet so don't take corners too hard for the first few hundred miles.