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I have just ended my BMWFS PCP on my X5 F15 and given the car back, although I finalised all payments (only 3 months left) rather than performing a VW. I know that is different to the OP's situation, but I decided it was most feasible as it was a small amount outstanding and personally I was hesitant on the credit file impact of a VW for my own situation.

I had already got some 3rd party estimates for some work that needed sorting for the return. After doing some research I decided to let BCA do the assessment and give me the bill, as it was generally cheaper (by some margin) compared to independents. BMWFS sent a BCA rep yesterday to do the inspection.

I had the 20" diamond cut alloys on the X5, two of which were badly curbed and corroded. I also had a front bumper scuff (sizeable), rear bumper dent with a paint crack, some parking dent creases in the NS doors and a stone chip on the wing that had caused excess lacquer problems.

Overall, the BCA quote for all this was about 60% cheaper than the cheapest 3rd party quote I had for sorting the problems. Generally BMWFS (BCA) are not interested in making money from the repairs so it's really quote as cost effort+vat.

For example, each of the wheels that need sorting would be at least 120 each due to diamond cut, but BCA quoted 51+VAT each as the OP mentioned - no issue here for diamond cut finish. And even the rear bumper dent and paint crack, requiring all the bumper to be repainted, was only 115+VAT.

So to OP's points, I think (from my experience) you will get the most cost effective solution for any work done by letting BMWFS/BCA assess and do the work. Plus you don't run any risk of work that had been done by a 3rd party and not being to specification causing issues, which I have heard of being a problem for some. And it's the easiest path as BCA take the care away as-is and send me the bill (which will be lower than getting it done myself), which is much simpler.

My 2 cents.

N.B I'm a newbie, pickup my new G21 M340i on Valentines Day!