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Just VTd my 340. Itís pretty painless, car collected within a week. The BCA Guy spent 20 minutes filming it and photographing it. He put stickers with measurements on them wherever there was a scratch and photographed so they could see the size. All documented on his iPad.

I had a few fine scratches here and there that would machine polish, three kerbed wheels (under 8cm for each one, one actually had a gouge - hadnít got round to having them refurbed as they were diamond cut 19Ēs so was waiting for them to be worse), a nasty stone chip on the bonnet and some surface scratches on the windscreen.

I was going to fix all this but when he was done he told me it was all in tolerance and no charges at all. He said it is different for every make - but BMW are quite good. So Iíd say BMW are very fair on this.

Second car we have VTd and BMW finance donít care, itís your right to do it and not exactly your fault - the new discounts are so huge their GFVs havenít a hope in in and lose money or give it back - no brainer.