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Some encouraging data for the performance of the G80/G82 BMW M3/M4

I quickly spreadsheet-ed the data from several existing performance cars along with (some assumptive) data on the 2021 M3.

Of course - there's MANY assumptions regarding 0-60 times based on tires, driver, torque, weather, surface, HP, and weight - so by no means am I claiming you can make any precise conclusions from this. That being said, the data is directionally encouraging.


- Assuming the weight of the 2021 M3/M4 is similar to the F80/F82 generation (big assumption, keep that in mind) then it will have the best power-to-weight ratio of the group. Both in HP and Torque.

- If you graph the following data a few more insights arise. The graph looks pretty linear except for 2 vehicles.

The Tesla Model 3P is faster than it should be (via interpolation). Assumption is because it isn't wasting time changing gears. Also - all ICE cars have launch control which is arguably a system to put the engine in a place to provide as "instant" of torque as possible on start. However, it isn't as perfect as delivering "instant" torque as electric motors especially after a gear change. Hence - another advantage for T3P.

The 2020 BMW M4 is slower than it should be (via interpolation) in this data. Assumption (not much of one) is that it's overpowered for it's RWD delivery. If you've driven one, you know it spins it's tires a lot. If the 2020 M4 was AWD, per interpolation it would be roughly 3.4-3.5 for 0-60.

- Vehicle weights and 0-60 times were gathered from official data (and some more realistic tests). Weight of vehicles matters a lot with options, etc. 0-60 matters a lot with conditions. Again, treat the data as "ballpark" correct. The data is all below - feel free to modify where I got things wrong.

- Even with assumptions, this is very very exciting. The power output of the S58 engine is known and we know it'll be in the new G80/G82 M3/M4. Hence we just need to guess the weight. If the G80/G82 is the same weight as the F80/F82 it's the best of the bunch. If it gains even a little, the M8 Competition beats it on weight-to-torque. That being said - coming close to the M8 Competition is a good thing.

- Because the M3/M4 is very light.. even adding a 180lb passenger skews poorly. Adding 4 passengers skews more poorly. That being said, I mostly drive alone and I'm willing to go on a diet.

- Ballpark, assumptive, hand-wavy conclusion: The CURRENT M3/M4 would be doing mid-3 second 0-60 if it was all wheel drive (even with weight for an AWD system). The 2021 should be similar. If they can get the weight down (which I know is hard, but I also know they'll be focused on making it happen) you could see very low 3's.

Name          Delivery  Weight         HP        LB-FT      0-60         lb/hp        lb/lb-ft

G80 M3C     AWD       3565 (?)      503       442         ???          7.08          8.06
F92 M8C    AWD       4480           617       553         3             7.26          8.10
Model 3P      AWD        4100          450       471         3.2          9.11           8.70
F80 M3C      RWD       3565           444      406         3.8          8.02           8.78
GLC 63S      AWD       4409           503      516         3.8          8.76           8.54
F97 X3MC   AWD       4620           503      442          4            9.18           10.45

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