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A couple thoughts on the OP:

Looking at the competition The F80 was impressively light when comparing to other brands. Personally I am hoping they focus on driver involvement against competition like the Giulia Quadrifoglio, rather than the cars on that list, but I am sure they will need to address all the completion. In development, they need to satisfy drivers like myself that want a fun handling car with a manual and others who want 0-60 times.

I personally like shorter gearing on a manual and would gladly take a slower 0-60 time as result. An overly tall second gear can really alter a 0-60 time. RWD is also more fun, but will result in a worse 0-60 time.

Weight, is seemingly going up on all brands across the board, I would not expect an = weight on an AWD G80 vs RWD F80, obviously TBD. If BMW can deliver a G80 Xdrive at that weight, it will be highly impressive, the fact that there is a RWD and AWD variant makes the reveal that much more interesting, IMO.