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Ate whatever I wanted Sunday-Sunday last week. Did this because I was down around 188 when I woke up Sunday morning last week, and that just didn't sit well with me. Weighed in at 194 yesterday morning, so felt good about that. Will dial the calories back the next couple days and see where I am at. Most of you are probably reading this asking why I uped my intake if my goal in general was to lean out. It's because the weight loss came the wrong way. Last weekend I didn't eat much and drank way too much. I could've kept calories down and road it out, but I was under the assumption that my muscles were under fed. If I continued out I didn't think in the long run the results would pan. Hence why I just ate everything this past week, almost like a week long re-feed. Now I feel like I am at a better starting point to lean out while keeping in mind muscle fullness.

Anyways lifted legs Saturday, back/tri yesterday, and shoulder/biceps this morning. Each workout was pretty solid, back is sore as hell today.