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Originally Posted by Shinel View Post
Wow, I'm reading some of these comments and just wow. One guy says "respects the machine" and "karma is a bitch" another guy judes an induvidual for "leasing his car and driving it hard" and being "immature". It's comical really. For one, it's a production car, there are thousands of the same model car rolling off the assembly line, and the b58 engine and other components are throughly tested before it rolls off the line. I understand a break in period for an engine you've built yourself, because of metal shavings that are being created and to make sure that everything operates as it is supposed to. But regardless if you leased, or bought it out right, you are paying $$$ for it. Money that you spent earning. Its meant to be driven to your liking and if you wanna WOT it all the time, go on ahead. Respecting the machine and caring about "karma" is the most rediclous thing I've ever heard. You'd be surprised how many of the cpo M division cars were tracked. And if you bought one used, yours was probably doing laps before "break in" period was over😂.
Nowhere in my post did I state how I feel others should drive their vehicles. I simply stated what's in the manual, and my personal reasons for adhering to what's in the manual.

I'm also not against tracking a car, but I personally would buy the car rather than leasing it if my intention was to track it. And I sure as hell wouldn't track it within the break-in period.

The other point I will make is this - many people use the fact that they're leasing to mean they can openly abuse their cars because at the end of the day, it's not their car, it's owned by BMWFS. This doesn't sit well with me morally, and you may find that "comical" or "ridiculous", but I'm not telling you how you should treat your car, nor am I judging.
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