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I wouldn't exactly call the M3/M4 (last model or new model) "very light".... and unfortunately in order to drive or enjoy your car you need to get in it, lol. You're splitting hairs.

The M3/M4 has MORE than enough power to weight for ANY driving situation. Does it really matter if you get to 60 in 3.4 seconds or 3.7 seconds?

Far more important is that the car exhibit impeccable handling while remaining comfortable and smooth, that the engine pulls smoothly off idle to redline in a linear fashion, that the jerkiness of both F series manual and dual clutch transmissions be a thing of the past, and that the mediocre exhaust note be addressed. At near 80 thousand dollars, the rattles, squeaks, buzzes and such of the outgoing model are an embarrassment. Lets fix that too while we are at it.

Back to weight.

My Porsche 993 weighs 2950 pounds. It has just under 300hp. I'm a BMW guy but that air cooled Porsche is by FAR the best car I have ever driven.