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Originally Posted by Rich.Wolfson View Post
Alas, Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey has closed the drag strip. Each year I loved packing up as many as my friend's kids I could get for the Night of Thrills. I brought plenty of headsets and earplugs. The first time someone sees a funny car or top fueler launch, is something to behold. You tell them it's gonna be LOUD (even with the protection) and the ground will shake. And when it happens, it's still a surprise. And if there was a jet car or Robosourus that was icing on the cake.

Nothing like a drag strip pit for kids to get close to the cars and we always went home full of food that was bad for us and t-shirts that the kids were never allowed to wear again. Sure, the World of Outlaws is good but there is nothing like the launch of a funny car except maybe a Shuttle or Falcon Heavy liftoff.


PS-Even the Thunderbirds over the beach don't compare and that too is a great show. And Leo (RIP) at the Sussex Airshow gone too. Just composing this post makes me sad.
Back in the late 70's early 80's some friends and I would head to the Summer Nationals at Raceway Pk, did it about 5 years in a row. Would always pay a little extra for the pit passes and in those days thr drivers were glad to stop and chat with fans. Met most of them in Pro, TF,Funny including Glidden, Prudhome, Shirley, Big Daddy and a rookie Force.
Two years ago I took the wife for her first time at the drags. Glad she got to see it and glad I got my last time there. Sucks to see the nitro cars go, end of an era, hopefully they'll rethink this screwup one day and return to the great track.
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