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Originally Posted by adc100 View Post
Well dont hold your breath of ev's. I am 73 and I'll enjoy my '18XT and '19 XV for my driving career.

One good thing for the rest of vehicles (including BMW) it will be easier for them to make an electric motor that sits low enough and is symettrical so you won't have torque steer as is in almost every american vehicle and most foreign brands. Does BMW have unequal fron't axle lengths? I honestly don't know.

I assume you know thats why all FWD (except subaru) suck at handling. They can't justify having a boxer mounted inline/lower with equal axle lengths. Much cheaper to mount an inline engine transverse and then they can have a FWD and add AWD which is good enough for American JoeSixpacks who wouldnt know good handling if it ran over them. . I am sure if BMW decided to make a boxer and do it right like subaru you'd sing its praises.
The E9X has equal-length halfshafts for the front drive. Equal being the length of the axle between the CV joints. As far back as the E30, BMW used equal-length halfshafts. Of the hundreds of car reviews of FWD cars, in the last 15 years or so, I've not read editor's notes of adverse torque steer. GM was innovative in this area with development of its renowned HiPer Strut design. Rear-drive cars have torque steer too; it just compensated by steering the car, the difference being you can't feel the torque difference in your hands. I don't think Subaru owns the state-of-the-art in AWD systems.

While I was writing this, my sister called. She owns a 2014 Subie Imprezza. Currently at 50,000 miles and in the shop for the valve-spring recall. The dealer just called her with "the laundry list". (1) Rear tires are wearing oddly on the inside tread, needs an alignment apparently; (2) rear brakes are at 2MM (she knew that already and just hasn't had time to bring it down to me to replace them); (3) needs rear wheel bearings - really? wheel bearings at 50,000 miles - LOL. She's owned the car since 20,000 miles and bought it from a late 50-year old female friend, who bought the car new. The car lives in Maryland (DMV) with decent roads (i.e. not NYC).

She is going to bring it to me, I'll replace the brakes and get tires for it. Then she's going to sell the oil-leaking thing and replace it with a better manufactured car. In 2014 a car company can't figure out valve springs, seriously? She's indicated her ownership of the Subie has been a worse experience than her 2005 X3...
A manual transmission can be set to "comfort", "sport", and "track" modes simply by the technique and speed at which you shift it; it doesn't need "modes", modes are for manumatics that try to behave like a real 3-pedal manual transmission. If you can money-shift it, it's a manual transmission. "Yeah, but NO ONE puts an automatic trans shift knob on a manual transmission."

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