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CarFax: Major Error In Report

Long story short I want to buy a M240xi next summer. So I had a buddy run a report on my car to see where I currently stand. What came back was full retardation.

Carfax merged data provided by my mechanic from my old BMW with my current BMW. I traded my 07 E90 328 at the beginning of September 2013, with 91,300 miles on the clock. I had my mechanic look my old E90 over in August of 2013, which is listed on the carfax for my current car. As well as some of the work I had done from 2011 to 2013.

So the day I purchased my 335 the report shows the dealer that I bought it from and that the mileage has been ROLLED BACK. Because the 335 had about 20k miles on it but a report dated one month back showed that it had 91,xxx miles on the clock, which is obviously because they merged data from 2 cars into 1.