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I had a similar problem with CarFax last year. My Ridgline had 90,000 on it when I ran it through emissions. I had some work done at Honda and the tech entered "123,123" for the mileage. The following year (last year) I ran my Ridgeline through emissions with 110,000 miles. Went to sell it and noticed that the CarFax report showed an odometer rollback. I was pissed - didn't even realize that the tech entered 123,123.

Here's what I did: I filed a claim with CarFax (link on their website to "challenge" something). I explained the situation and CarFax told me that I needed to get a letter from Honda where they admit to fudging the odometer reading. Honda cooperated and I submitted the letter to CarFax. They deleted the false information from the report. Few months later, it happened again. Acura entered 123,456 as the mileage when they did some work - same friggin error. CarFax is a great tool but they do get a LOT wrong.

In a nutshell, file a dispute with CarFax and see what they need from you to correct the error. It's a pain in the butt, and it takes a few weeks, but it's worth it to get false info off the report. Good luck.