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Originally Posted by kb2wji View Post
I had a similar problem with CarFax last year. My Ridgline had 90,000 on it when I ran it through emissions. I had some work done at Honda and the tech entered "123,123" for the mileage. The following year (last year) I ran my Ridgeline through emissions with 110,000 miles. Went to sell it and noticed that the CarFax report showed an odometer rollback. I was pissed - didn't even realize that the tech entered 123,123.

Here's what I did: I filed a claim with CarFax (link on their website to "challenge" something). I explained the situation and CarFax told me that I needed to get a letter from Honda where they admit to fudging the odometer reading. Honda cooperated and I submitted the letter to CarFax. They deleted the false information from the report. Few months later, it happened again. Acura entered 123,456 as the mileage when they did some work - same friggin error. CarFax is a great tool but they do get a LOT wrong.

In a nutshell, file a dispute with CarFax and see what they need from you to correct the error. It's a pain in the butt, and it takes a few weeks, but it's worth it to get false info off the report. Good luck.
Similar thing happened with my brothers car. We had to file an appeal and go through the same steps you did. It took a month or two, but once CarFax received the information from the dealership, they corrected it.

With that said, everyone is human and makes mistakes. Whether that being the dealership putting in the mileage wrong, CarFax reading the data wrong or confusing it with another car, etc.

CarFax is a good tool to access when you're buying/selling a car. However, if a CarFax shows something out of the ordinary (especially if it's your car and you know it's not true) then it's worth it to do some digging to get it cleared up.

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