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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I had the previous razr and loved it though agree this entry price is too expensive.A flexible armour cover would be needed for it in case it's dropped.Would it survive a drop from a car inadvertently left on the car while travelling like my samsung was, then found and worked fine with no damage at all.
Motorola still prides itself on building durable phones, knowing a bunch of ex-Motorola engineers they all rave and jump at the opportunity to show me a live durability test. Lenovo part of the brand is a different story.

I doubt it'll be a brick like phones of days past but I don't doubt it'll survive a couple tumbles.

Originally Posted by ScottyRyan2019 View Post
I like the design and how it folds (time will tell how it holds up over use), but I think it is much too expensive. Bring it inline with the current generation of smart phones and I think it will sell well.
Huge battery size sacrifice had to be made to achieve this design and form factor. "Lower" grade specs are used to achieve "acceptable" battery life. If it had high end specs it would chew threw battery in seconds.

The cost is high due to all the new development to achieve a form factor that isn't a big flat candybar with screen on the front, camera on the back. CMs crank out those designs in less than a year.

I'm super stoked for Gen 2/3 versions of foldable flip phones that'll cost less and be more production than prototype. I'm tired of this bigger and bigger candybar style of design.