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Do you think it'll be too soon to expect this in the next M3/4 or could it be a possibility?
Too soon. Next M3 and M4 will be the last pure internal combustion engines in an M car and will be in production until 2027 probably. The next M5 might be the first hybrid-electric ///M car they make in 2024. I for one would like to see a hybrid M5 just so long as they get rid of the S63tu motor and design some sort of Internal Combustion Engine that is all new, even if it has less cylinders.
If we can get a hybrid M3, imagine the torque. A little Tesla but I still want to hear the turbos and engine and exhaust roar. Maybe fix the exhaust note!

I want a 3.3-5 0-60 with the hybrid M3/4!

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