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Around 4000 new BMWs damaged in hailstorm in Munich on June 10th

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Just a note to everyone who's car was waiting for train or truck transport in Munich on Monday June 10th.

Your car is most likely damaged in a major hailstorm that hit Munich area on Monday, June 10th 2019.

Official reports say around 4000 BMWs that were waiting for delivery are damaged! According to the info I currently have, my car was on that parking lot.

One of the areas with the worst damage is where BMW Garching facility is located. This is where most of the vehicles were waiting for transport.

At this moment my local dealer does not have any official info from BMW HQ. We only know that it's stuck in pre-transport phase since last monday, June 10th.
I was scheduled for delivery by the end of last week(by June 15th). Now I'm just bummed out because I don't know anything. I don't know if my car is severly damaged. I don't know if it's going to be repaired or replaced with a new one. And I don't know when will it be delivered.

These damages could be serious because all reports state that hail was even bigger then a size of a Baseball!!!

Officials state that huge damages are recorded on vehicles, houses and infrastructure. Insurance companies initially estimated this to 30 million €, but eventually updated the estimate to 45 million.

There are several owners on german forums that were unlucky as I was. Some cars had smaller damage and those will be repaired with an estimated repair wait period of 6 weeks minimum. One german owner reported his G20 320i was totalled, and he's gonna get a new one.

Official news report:

Video of 2 series Grand Tourer post hail:

Random news reports about the hailstorm:

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