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M340i MPE installed

Well I just had the MPE installed on Saturday and what an improvement! This exhaust now gives the M340 true character and sound that I think it lacked to an extent. Itís a lot throatier and deep sounding with lots of cracks and burbles especially in sport mode. I had a 340 with MPE and that sounded great but this blows it out of the water. In my opinion it sounds a lot better than the M3/4.

Iíve had the M340 for just over 2 months now and have to say I was disappointed with the sound to this point after coming from my previous 340 with MPE. Being this was an M Performance vehicle I was maybe expecting too much but now it makes sense why it doesnít sound like it should have the start. Now I cant stop downshifting and running through the gears to hear this exhaust roar.

If you have an M340 on order and currently own one, the MPE is a must add to it!

Getting the before/after videos together and will update this post.
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