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Originally Posted by VipinLJ View Post
Well. It gives us more options but changing those frequency sliders don't change the output. Only the ones on the ends does. That's the treble and bass slider I believe. Also, the preset settings don't work in my car.
This is in my car. Not sure how it works for others with the HiFi system.
HiFi system powers all the speakers with the RAM. Top HiFi HK and the B&W have the woofers powered by a Booster and all other speakers by the RAM.

Coding the RAM from HiFi to HK enables the 7-Band EQ, but in the HiFi there is only a RAM and no Booster -the 7-Band EQ only works with the Booster + RAM (Top HiFi). So the output stays HiFi (all speakers powered by the RAM), and the 7-Band EQ is only a display of the Bass and Treble adjustment of the HiFi.

This is the reason only two bands work with this coding -the Bass (Band 1) and the Treble (Band 7).