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I won't defend the looks, but let's put some pros on the table...

1. This is basically a Z4 Coupe but if the pricing speculation of $55K for premium trim is true (sans dealer markup) then this car is $13K cheaper than the Z4 m40i. Sounds like a deal from a pure value standpoint.
1b. Factor in that the original MKIV turbo retailed for $40K in 90's money, after inflation that works out to be around $65-70K. Still a great value (again - assuming $55K is real). The nitrous bottle-is-half-full guy in me says this is like getting a credit for mods
2. B58 is a good motor with a lot of potential. Imagine after market turbos, meth, e85, etc. I actually think it is great that the Toyota aftermarket will get into the B58 because usually the non-M motors don't get any love. The bigger the aftermarket the better for all.
3. On the performance front, let us not forget that the Z4 turned in a 7:55 ring time. Better than an M2, and just a little slower than an M2 Comp. No official numbers from Toyota, but I'd imagine a stiffer roof could only help.
4. Finally, the seams on the car I think are ideal for exterior modification. The way it is "cut" I almost think Toyota did it to make it easier to turn into a wide body. I am almost certain the aftermarket will exploit it too. This car is basically a big-boy GT86 and I think Gazoo + aftermarket are going to do some pretty interesting things. Let's hope anyways.

It's a BMW's ugly cousin, but it's what's inside that matters most right? RIGHT??