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Originally Posted by spetsnazos View Post
I like the looks but no MT is a non-starter for me.

This won't sell IMHO. Too expensive for a Toyota.
It'll start off as a hot seller, just because it's a "Supra", but will quickly die down , just like the last Supra. Toyota could hardly sell any of the last ones because they were just too expensive.

For price comparisons, the Stingray base price is $56K or about what the Supra is supposed to base at. It's $62K with the Z51, which is a world beater for that kind of money. It also has 465 HP and will run and hide from this car on any track.

For me, Toyota did something very similar that Honda (Acura) did with the NSX. They made the public wait WAY too long for a car that is too expensive and doesn't really set itself apart from anything out there (yes, the NSX is a hybrid with tech out the wazoo, but it's no quicker than a Grand Sport Corvette or McLaren 570S or GT3 around the track).
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