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I think their conclusion rather misses the point. The review makes it clear that M340 is the better car in most aspects that people care about, including practicality. With that as a baseline, I think the price difference is not as relevant as they make it out to be. I think for most people, if you can afford the better car, you buy the better car. You don't sit down and think "is that car worth $12k more than the other one"! After all, there is no way you could say a Ferrari is $150k better than an M3, but if someone can afford the Ferrari, 9 times out of 10 they will buy it.
It is though. The price of a super car is somewhat justifiable. Everything is hand built, hand stitched, significant R&D expenses, other world performance, etc. no one needs a Ferrari, but objectively, you can see where the price difference goes. As opposed to an M3 that shares the majority of its parts with other models.

Same concept applies here. The delta between the M340i and G70 is apparent. Look at the performance gap, parts used, refinement, etc. after all, how else would a luxury brand establish a reputation as a premium auto manufacturer unless it's products are higher quality overall.
Exactly, the bmw is the better car, so it costs more. Higher quality and performance commands a higher price. It's ridiculous then that car and driver concludes by choosing the g70 as the winner because it's cheaper and "good enough for the commute". Is that how they judge a luxury sports sedan now? If so they lose all credibility in reviewing cars in that segment.