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I think their conclusion rather misses the point. The review makes it clear that M340 is the better car in most aspects that people care about, including practicality. With that as a baseline, I think the price difference is not as relevant as they make it out to be. I think for most people, if you can afford the better car, you buy the better car. You don't sit down and think "is that car worth $12k more than the other one"! After all, there is no way you could say a Ferrari is $150k better than an M3, but if someone can afford the Ferrari, 9 times out of 10 they will buy it.
I assure you there are plenty of people who can afford a Ferrari but end up driving Toyota Land Cruisers and Genesis G80s. Some even have their "beater" cars like brand new leased Accords and Camrys.

The class of car that people seem to "stretch" their finances the most for are entry luxury cars like the 3 series. Given that, I bet the ability to pay 75% of the money for 90% of the car is attractive to some.
You will see from my response to your earlier reply to my first post that I am in 100% agreement on that. So let's agree to agree!