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For those that have been waiting, Car and Driver has gotten their hands on a M340i and compared it to the G70.

Highs: Big Power from a silken inline-6, big grip, big back seat, and trunk.
Lows: Big price, stiff ride, steering still a bit too numb for our liking.

Highs: Strong performer, impressive ride and handling balance, undeniable value.
Lows: Not as quick in a straight line, tight back seat.

In the end, C/D does acknowledge that the M340i is a better driver's car due to its more refined and faster powertrain, and overall nicer and larger interior, but states that may not be enough to overcome the Genesis great pricing, and that overall, the Genesis isn't far behind the 3-Series, being able to do many things just as well or even better than the 3er.

Full Article ->
They got the rear wheel drive to do 3.8 to 60. Wonder what an Xdrive would do??
I wouldn't have been shocked if this was xdrive but something doesn't seem right here.

They did 3.9 in the F80 which had a lot more power and torque and weighed 200 lbs less
I agree....and don't forget, the f80 has more rubber in the back and, a faster shifting tranny (dual clutch). Something seems off. Maybe this was indeed an AWD?? And holy cow, if this is really the RWD (which I have doubts), how much is the xDrive going to weigh....4000+ lbs???