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Originally Posted by Dang3r View Post
We had installed the card meanwhile into 2 complete different systems, at the first one 2 bluescreens instantly after starting at the second artifacts instantly after starting.
Card returned the second time to dealer for exchange on warranty. If that fails, I got my money back and change cardtype and brand.
Just to complete: I own a 750W power supply, its strong enough.
Wattage only means it "should" be able to handle it. It really doesn’t mean anything - it could be a bad rail or the stress of the card causes issues. How much load are the other system items adding?

That you had issues across systems either means you have two weak systems, or the extraordinary bad luck of getting another bad card. Strictly speaking, ASUS Strix cards usually are pretty good. My 980 strix ran for years with no issues and I still have it as backup in case my Titan Xp craps out
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