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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
I worked with some guys that had the Model S in my past - there's no doubt those cars were really fast. But it was kind of like being in an elevator. Do you get enjoyment out of a fast elevator ride? It is hard to tell that you've moved a great distance quickly because there's no real sound...or anything to be honest. It's just not as...theatric? Involving? Fun? At least to me anyway.

Mr. Musk has even described the automobile of the future as mobile washing machines...aka, appliances. No thank you - I won't be buying one, ever.
Agreed. I test drove the P90 once. It was a good 30 minute drive on some fun and twisty back roads. The sales guy said "hm, can you slow down". I looked at the speedo and was like "crap, sorry bud". I had no idea it got so fast and so quick. Definitely not enough feedback. In my car, I know how fast I'm going by the sound of the engine. And that sound is glorious.

Originally Posted by Bowser330 View Post
No it doesn't severely shrink the range, the youngster who runs the Tesla racing channel on YouTube has many videos of back to back runs on the same charge on the street and track, races are short so it doesn't consume that much power.

Let's not get crazy thinking it's silent like an elevator. There is plenty of sound, road, tires, wind and the whine of the electric motor which to some is enough. Sure there is no exhaust note, which is important and I love a great sounding exhaust like the next car guy but (1) has bmw really been impressing you with their turbo exhaust notes? And (2) if you do like bmws exhaust notes couldn't you just pipe it in with a speaker like bmw does?
Having a heavy foot in an EV causes the battery to drain much quicker. I believe the optimal driving speed is 60mph. Going higher impacts drive range dramatically. Yes that happens in a gasoline car (coughBugatticough), but refilling a gasoline car takes less than 5 minutes. Also, there is a reason you do not see Tesla's on the track - anywhere. The strain on the batteries kills it. Musk said he fixed that problem, but I have yet to see people taking their Tesla on the track.

Originally Posted by Mach550 View Post
whats with the dude tickling the paddle at 2:58?
Twitch finger for the next shift? Sometimes I do that when tracking, or on my game controller when playing a shooter game. It's to make sure the finger doesn't "fall asleep". Then again, i didn't see the video, so it's possible he was stroking it for some kind of pleasure?
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