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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
I'm not sure if the M3 is officially "limited" in the number of times you can launch it - but I am guessing there could be some risk of limp mode if you did this many times in a row? It would be interesting to see someone try it.

My 981 seemed to be bullet proof - I have a buddy who has had several 911s, and he thought the cars were super "over-engineered" in the context that they were made to take a true beating, and for many many miles. So I am not surprised this Turbo S was able to do 50+ launches in a row without so much of a hiccup....
Ya know, Porsche is not in my top 5 list of cars. Don't get me wrong, I understand and appreciate the Porsche. Some of the things annoy me (the looks, the lack of heads up display, and the complete and utter resistance to get new tech until way beyond the competition) BUT, hearing that these cars are rock solid - even while abused - is awesome.
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