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a fellow torontonian chiming in with some relevant experience

I went from a 2014 Cayman S to a 2015 C7, both manual

I think you'll find that the porsche will offer a finer driving experience, even though there's limited curves in toronto to enjoy the handling capabilities
the c7 just overall felt crude and rough compared to the precise porsche, I haven't driven the 2018 and up stang, but I suspect it would feel similarly more crude like the c7

the porsche will simply engage you in a way the stang won't

if you plan on keeping the car for at least 5 years, the porsche may end up costing you less

The stang will depreciate roughly 10% a year for the first 4 years, so being worth 25-30K or so in 2023

the 997 gts seems to be holding its value well and I suspect it will be worth 80k in 4 years

the 997 gts is a special car, the stang is a common but fun car