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Originally Posted by BMW_Midlo_Man View Post
So with the latest generation having the benefit of over-the-air (OTA) updates, what types of things can we expect updates for from BMW? Will they keep it fresh, and introduce things like gauge-cluster modifications? Maybe a reconsideration of the map being the only item you can have central in the display? Added features within iDrive 7.0? Additional Turn signal options (maybe a 5-blink option)? Not sure an OTA engine remap is possible outside of the electrified car-world, but hey - a guy could dream.

It's unclear to me, as an owner, what we should expect, any thoughts from anyone on this? Or just share your hopes for what you would most-love to see out of an OTA Update?
I read an article yesterday where the new generation of radar cruise in the G20,G05 etc is being tested to recognise traffic signal lights and stop the vehicle etc, they said it would more than likely something that would become available through software updates to current models that that have the new generation radar cruise etc

My guess something like that would be via OTA updates
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