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Originally Posted by danf72 View Post
I saw a couple of 4-series at a local dealer also. My reaction was that all this grill talk is much to do about nothing. The grill itself is not that huge. It's not like a Lexus. It's just shaped and oriented differently. Do I like it? I dunno. It's a grill. The overall car looks good including the grill. I actually think the back needs some more lines or something to make it more aggressive. But it looks good.

Looks aside, how does an M440 drive compared to the M340? Especially steering feel and handling? Is the difference noticeable or splitting hairs?
Iím 250 miles in my M440iX, so Iím still sorting out the car. It does drive much like the M340i, and Sport Plus is a lot of fun. Steering is okay in comfort, but definitely has more feedback in sport. Iíll add more after some more seat time and a little more spirited driving.

About the grille... IĒve actually measured the grill and from the outside edges of the surround, it is approximately 26.5 inches wide and 17.25 inches tall. So, including the surround, minus the dip in the center at the top and bottom of the center of the kidneys, the total area of the grille is approximately 450 square inches. The top edge of the grille at itís highest point is only about 26.8 inches off the ground.

For comparison, if somebody is bored today... I would like to know that the dimensions/area of an M340 grill is, including the surround. I wonder is itís really that much smaller, or is the angst over the 4 mostly about the different shape, which I suspect it is.