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Is anyone else having issues with Remote 3D View or ConnectedDrive services in general? My NFC Card will no longer unlock the vehicle doors though it is recognized by the vehicle when placed in tray. I can’t add my iPhone XS as a digital key due to “server communication error,” and Remote 3D View simply retries indefinitely (and has yet to work for me at all).

The dealership told me that the ConnectedDrive situation is grim right now and almost nothing is working as it should. I have tried everything from deleting the Connected app and reinstalling, to wiping car data and profile entirely. According to the sales manager there have been revolving stop sale orders on the vehicle recently due to issues ranging from defective moonroof issues (some brand new models chew up the roof on first open, motors burn out, some require full hold to open close vs one click) and even some major lane departure problems causing some M models to spontaneously pull into the oncoming lane of traffic. I was told that they would update me as soon as they have news to share but it has been over two weeks since I took delivery of my new G20 xDrive without any communication whatsoever. Any tips would be appreciated.
You guys should stop the panic. The same stuff was happening on the X5 board in December last year. it is a new product with new technology. it takes time to figure it out. read the manual.

99% percent of that stuff is user error. (dealers are worse than users, they do not want to learn the product. Just ask on the board)

Here is how to make 3d view and remote stuff work:

It is a sequence of events that needs to happen

You buy the car
Dealer sends electronic registration to bmw at delivery
Car appears on your account with bmw connected services. Email is the primary search field
Go to bmw connected website and open the account with this email. You should see your car. If not go back to dealer and ask them to register. Call BMW connected to make sure the server is online.

When you see you car on line. Download app on iPhone. Android does not work for remote start
Log in to app with your account. You should see your car. If not - repeat the steps above until you do.

Go to the car and enable all services. Including data privacy. Remote start and remote 3d is part of it

On i drive create your profile with the same email as connected drive
Log in to your profile
Sync it.

On the apple app
Remote start is called. Climatize
Click it. Look for red bar to turn green,

3d view should now show refresh view. It should take a second to connect to server. takes several tries.

Also try to update services (click on app menu, go to the left screen sub-menu. click option below idrive scroller next to gearbox, select update services) and reboot the Nav to get connected properly after all the above (hold volume button in for 30 sec).