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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
If I remember correctly from last night's podcast, Craig Mazen visited the building in the actual town called Chernobyl which he said was farther away from the power plant than Pripyat. I think he said it was sort of chilling to be in the room where those two were tried for their roles in the nuclear disaster.
Listened to the full podcast of episode 3 yesterday, great information.

They pretty much said they neutered the actual side effects of radiation for the firefighters because it would have felt "redundant" or that they were "picking on them". Incredible to think we saw a more mild version

The description of the firefighters from their wives POV was that they died with charcoal black skin.

Also, I am amazed by the character of the Russian people. These miners that willingly gave their lives (about 1/4 died shortly after), the "divers" who opened the tanks. True heroes that no one ever knew of.

The depravity of the Soviets knows no end. Their willingness to sacrifice their own people in order to save face....
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