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Originally Posted by Quietlife View Post
Hi all.

I have just picked up my new G20 after years with Audi, so this is my first post and I'm hoping you can solve an issue that Google isn't providing the answer to.
I've got my Samsung Note 8 connected to the car and everything works fine. EXCEPT, every time I get into the car, it turns the media volume on my phone down to zero. I have to physically turn the phone volume back up to hear music. I've not found any solution. Has anybody else experienced the same thing and solved it.
Quiet by name, quiet by nature.... sorry to hear this and welcome to BMW ownership - I have not had the exact same issue, but am extremely would up that the bluetooth volume is so low through the car even if the volume on the (Android) phone is cranked to its highest. its a shock to the ear drums when I change over to the radio!
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