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Originally Posted by Geektechlive View Post
How early do you start the ordering process? I was also thinking of an individual build.

Is there a cap on discounts for ordering an M3? Been seeing some other people saying that incentives are not able to be bundled beyond 4% off for ED. Is that true?
My wife and I did a European Delivery for her Individual San Marino Blue M3 Competition Package with Individual Polar Blue stitching in July 2018. Our original target date was May 2018, which was pretty much planned around attending the Grand Prix of Monaco after the delivery.

We first approached our dealer in September 2017 and were told to come back in November. That would be ~6 months in advance. The dealer is not a high-volume dealer, but has done a lot of Euro Delivery and Individual cars. Unfortunately, they were not able to get an allocation until February 2018. (Allocations for an M car are different and harder to get than allocations for non-M cars.) The order went in and we were waiting for our desired delivery date.

BMW GmbH came back and told us that Individual interiors are batched by the third-party supplier and that they wouldn't be doing another batch until June, so a May delivery wasn't possible. (The Individual San Merino Blue wasn't a problem.) We looked at the F1 calendar and realized that if we waited until July we could attend the German Grand Prix at Hockenheimring, so we adjusted our delivery date to coincide with that.

Bottom line, you want an Individual color, and especially if you want anything Individual in the interior, you should be talking to your dealer in at least 6-8 months in advance so they have a clear idea of what you want and whether they will have an allocation that will meet your timeframe. High-volume dealers get more allocations than low-volume dealers and your order may go in earlier. (I had no problem finding a high-volume dealer with an existing allocation for my 2016 M4, but that was also a year after release.)

Euro Delivery pricing is different than domestic pricing. BMW takes 5% off the top for Euro Delivery, but pricing is generally calculated on Euro invoice price plus an additional amount, usually $1000-2000 for M3/4. For both my 2016 M4 and my wife's 2018 M3 we offered $1500 over Euro invoice price. There is lots and lots of information on how to do the calculations to determine Euro invoice price which you should be able to find with a Google search.
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