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Originally Posted by mfurse View Post
Correct, hence S58 is rev limited as AT can't change at quite the high revs like the old DCT.

A few publications have said S58 now (they could be repeating each other of course). My feeling is that with the X3M and X4M in Market with the S58 plus the new M3 it could well be manufactured in larger quantities and be able to supply Alpina too. The ZF8 is so common too and shared with the base cars there's nothing special there to have to package or acquire either.

The B58 and S58 also share more than the S55 did with the N55:

Economies of scale and less special transmission makes it more "mass market"?
Indeed, another thing to note about this Alpina is max torque starts at 3k which is very S58 vs the B58 where it starts much lower down the rev range.
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