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The X3M Comp obviously doesn't give any clues about steering feel (tractor tires!), but I can safely say that power delivery is *way* less linear than my F82.

Wait ... wait... wait..... whoosh ... revlimiter.

This is why it's really hard to drive using the paddles - 8 spd auto means close ratios and you really have to keep on top of the shift timing. Lose the boost and you're in a world of pain. Plus the lag on downshifts is a nightmare.
I've not driven the X3M/X4M but I'm not liking the sound of this. BMW revolutionized the high power FI engine with the N54. High compression rate, low boost with dual small turbos that spun up quickly. The result was an FI engine with quick response and healthy power bump.

They managed to lift the power with 50% from there culminating in the M3CS engine and retain those characteristics

If this was the limit for the 3l I6 with no compromises and to reach 500+ hp it was needed to decrease compression and increase shovel size (inertia/lag) that's not worth it. Then the engine need more displacement or power should have remained on S55 level IMO.

And yes, an AT can hide much of the lag as it did back in the 80s when huge lag was rampant in FI engines.
This is exactly what they're attempting to cover up. It's disappointing but they're afraid to go their own way on with building a lighter car and minimal power increases. The ZF definitely covers up the higher boost more.

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