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Originally Posted by Wmzorba09 View Post
Regrettably leased a brand new 2020 BMW M340 from BMW Woodlands a few weeks ago. Upon retrieving the vehicle, it had a ding in the rear passenger side door, shampoo stains in the trunk ( was obviously not inspected before pickup or turnover) and come to find out the wrong tire/wheel set-up ( not staggered ) - despite my being informed by my CA that the vehicle included a staggered structure.

To my detriment, I trusted my CA and took her for her word. I assumed she was a knowledgeable CA and did not check to confirm for myself before driving the vehicle off the lot ( lesson learned ).

The door ding and shampoo stain have since been repaired by BMW, however no restitution was offered for the inconvenience of having to return to the dealership 2 times after purchase and I was not even offered the courtesy of an apology for being ill advised about the vehicle being staggered. Instead, I did however receive a cheeky reply from my CA - "well silver lining- at least now you can rotate your tires". Unprofessional to say the least, adding insult to injury.

Worth mentioning to any prospective buyers, lessors, considering transactions with BMW Woodlands, this is my 3rd BMW and having worked with 3 different dealerships - this is by far my worst experience and the worst deal I have received.

Note: BMW refused any discount on the MSRP whatsoever (I have always received discounts in the past). I know for a fact now, that other dealerships are offering credits and discounts off the MSRP as others on this site were able to get. If you go to BMW Woodlands, be cautious. If you do decide to use BMW Woodlands, I would also advise not working with Chloe (my CA) and to beware of the dealerships predatory pricing and sales tactics.

I feel like my experience would have been better, and I would have gotten better value had I worked with someone else (another CA) or just gone elsewhere.

This was my own experience. Others may have different and better experiences. I wish I had something positive to say - but I do not.
Ouch. I got $8000 of msrp on my purchase. Bmw Southwest HOUSTON. They even swapped the square setup rims for the staggered ones