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Originally Posted by Mazman View Post
Thanks for the input

What ET are you running on the fronts?
So with 1" wider wheel and ET50 how do reckon 9.5" with 40 would look?

Are you sitting flush with 10.5/50?

Originally Posted by Preciseyyc View Post
I can't remember my exact front specs but I Believe we're doing around 12mm more poke then stock with an 8.5.
Rear I'm doing 10.5 with a plus 50.
I'll have 255/30/20 and 295/25/20
My wheels aren't here yet and won't be for around 3.5 or 4 months they're being made overseas.

I don't have my specs written down, shop ordering my wheels does.

What I'd suggest for you is look up your oem specs of the wheels, and then punch them in on will they fit, or some other fitment calculator, and then look at the comparison to give you an idea.

I can tell you mine will be fairly aggressive, not to everyone's preference but I like pushing the limits to what will fit especially when lowered, But my wheel itself will pass the top edge of the fender around 1-2mm at stock height/alignment, but I will have a conservative stretch. So all rubber will be within the wheel well.