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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
thats an interesting point. they may have intended to give a way to bring the tires up to temp quicker, but stumbled on a way to reduce drag on the straights (among other benefits). i wonder which benefit would be exercised more frequently and become more beneficial.
yeah.. another different thing than last year that both Ham and Bot was falling into going side ways out of the chicane pretty easily.. and seems like less steering angle they re using.. need a side to side comparison video for this.. a slow exit corner but not much correction needed on mid and fast corner exits.. easy to have this by get on the power fast or by edgy frontend.. and in addition Merc's were able to get on the power quite early.. more than last year.. so i believe pretty planted rear W11 has but preventing the car falling into understeer and to balance out they re using extra-ordinary front suspension geometry.. but they dont need high degree of toe out on the straights as the basic solution.. causing to reduce speed, too much scrubbing on front tires.. DAS can be a system to eliminate this, and with side benefit it gives chance to put heat in front tires with this more edgy frontend setup they ll use this year..

so DAS was a necessity for keeping things right on the straights in my opinion.. for clear answer we need to understand which position of steering is the default one by watching Ham and Bot while they re putting more lap in next week.. yummy..
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